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We provide a range of services including the development of medical devices and firmware, along with our own products such as a diagnostic support system for subungual melanoma(malignant melanoma) and the "Fapios" management software for specific health check data.
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Human Engineering Co.,Ltd.

  • ▮ Business activities:
    Software development (firmware, applications)
    Medical software development
    Development/Manufacturing/Sales of Class II medical devices
    (software products)
  • ▮ Business Domain:
    Medical Software Development Domain
    Embedded Software Development Domain
    PC Software Development Domain
  • ▮ Licenses and Certifications:
    Second Class Medical Device Manufacturing and Sales Business
    (License number: 22B2X10019)
    Medical Device Manufacturing Business
    (Registration number: 22BZ200123)
    Medical Device Sales Business as a Management Committee
    (Notification number: East Protection A No. 12-1629)
  • ▮ Patents:
    Patent related to malignant melanoma
    (Patent number: JP6467669)
  • ▮ Locations:
    【Tokyo Headquarters】
    Sapia Tower 26F 1-7-12
    Chiyoda-ku tokyo 100-0005, Japan
    Phone: 03-6256-0330
    Fax: 03-6256-0322
    【Mishima Headquarters】
    166-3 Araya,

    Mishima-shi, Shizuoka 411-0834, Japan
    Phone: 055-983-3877
    Fax: 055-983-3870

▮ Executives:

CEO: Akihiro Nakamura
COO: Takashi Osawa
Managing Director: Tsuyoshi Misu
Director: Tadataka Nagashima
Executive Officer: Yuichi Sakuta
CFO: Ryoko Yamamoto
Auditor: Mamoru Okawa

  • ▮Executives:
  • CEO
  • COO
  • Managing Director
  • Director
  • Executive Officer
  • CFO
  • Auditor
  • Akihiro Nakamura
  • Takashi Osawa
  • Tsuyoshi Misu
  • Tadataka Nagashima
  • Yuichi Sakuta
  • Ryoko Yamamoto
  • Mamoru Okawa

▮ Established: February 2004

▮ Capital: 10 million yen

▮ Number of employees:
17 (as of April 1, 2024)

▮ Sales:
134 million yen (December 2023 results)

▮ Affiliated Organization:
Pharma Valley Center

▮ Major Clients:

Carrier Japan Corporation
Toshiba Tec Corporation
Numazu Medical Association
Yazaki Energy System Corporation

  • ▮ Established:
  • ▮ Capital:
  • ▮ Number of employees:
  • ▮ Sales:
  • ▮ Affiliated Organization:
  • ▮ Major Clients:
  • February 2004
  • 10 million yen
  • 17 (as of April 1, 2024)
  • 134 million yen (December 2023 results)
  • Pharma Valley Center
  • Carrier Japan Corporation
  • Toshiba Tec Corporation
  • Numazu Medical Association
  • Yazaki Energy System Corporation

Service lineup

Technical Domain

"We provide development services for medical devices and
firmware, including those of our own proprietary products."
PC Software
Specific Health Check
Data Management Software

※ Numazu Medical Associate-supervised


Fapios is a data management system designed to handle health check data efficiently. It is built with input from the Numazu Medical Association and helps to cut operational costs.

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The Subungual Melanoma Diagnostic Support Software is a tool that uses color images to help diagnose Subungual melanoma. It improves accuracy, compensates for doctor’s inexperience with the disease for doctor experience, and reduces the need for invasive biopsies.


"Type II Marketing Authorization Holder"

on March 6, 2018, in Japan

This approval has enabled us to engage in the manufacture, import, and sale of a broad spectrum of medical devices, including standalone software and both regulated and general medical devices. Moving forward, we aim to obtain medical device certification for our Subungual Melanoma Diagnostic Support System to help lighten the burden on patients and contribute to dermatological diagnostics.

For inquiries about our company or our products and services, please contact us at:

TEL: +81-3-6265-0330, FAX: +81-3-6256-0322

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